X-UP #10 : it’s happening again !

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You would like to develop your own technological business? You want to see it grow? Why not become a part of one the best schools in the worlds’ accelerator?  From May 13 to June 23, fill out your file online to join the next X-Up #10 promotion.
For four years, the incubator of Ecole Polytechnique has been supporting innovative startup and helping them raise funds, during the first steps of their development. Open to all (polytechnician or not), our innovation center shares its entire network to lead your project to succes.

A program and environment build to ease your project’s growth.

Dedicated to supporting technological and innovative startup, the X-Up incubator program has helped many companies specialized in various areas such as IOT, medtech, fintech, biotech, A.I, aerospace and even submarine robotics… Between fund raising, national awards, recognitions and partnerships with the biggest companies, the startup following our X-Up incubator program are among the most promising ones.

Since April 2015, remarkably innovative projects were developed within the Drahi-X-Novation Center. More than 5000m2 dedicated to technological companies, with private spaces, a prototyping space equipped with cutting-edge technologies and an advanced digital manufacture workshop, enabling young startup to build their prototype and pre-series.

The projects selected by our X-Up selection committee, will benefit from a 6 months custom-made support including one month of trial : they will be able to test our program, then there will be another committee to select the final applicants. The X-Up program offers the opportunity to accelerate your project’s development, prove its value and raise funds quickly. During that 6 months period, renewable once, experts and mentors will help you reach your goals.

The program includes many events, visits and 32 workshops planned according to startup needs (CEO talks with several company founders, data experts, A.I experts and even mathematics doctors…). It also gives you access to technology resources to strengthen the development of your PoC, and to a depreciation charge in order to support your startup’s growth.

A network of excellence.

X-Up includes interesting and necessary meetings.  Located in the heart of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique’s campus, it gives direct access to its laboratories, its students, alumni, teachers and partners network.

The X alumni network, counts many CEOs from CAC40 and several young entrepreneurs, some of which have already sell their startup for millions of euros. All have lived an experience they are ready to share, to help and support the development of your project.

The X campus is the perfect place to make a young startup grow. It is a staple place for companies to visit, national and international, research and innovation partners (Cisco, Fujitsu, Valeo, Paris airport, AWS, etc.), and for state visits (Presidents, ministers, etc.) The X network offers privileged relationships with a majority of French and international investments fund.

Last but not least, its location in the heart of Paris-Saclay allows collaborations with the best schools in France (HEC, Centrale Supélec, Institut d’Optique…).

How to become a member of the next X-UP promotion?

To be a part of the lucky ones, integrate the accelerator and beneficiate from its personalized support, apply online!


Open to all, as long as you have a technological project.

Dedicated to innovative early stage startup and projects of startups.

End of applications: June 23 2019 (11:59 PM)

Open house day: June 11 – From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Pre-acceleration: September 9 2019 – September 27 2019

Final selection committee : October 1st 2019

Beginning of the acceleration program: October 7 2019

Important: Minority shareholder in startups and depreciation charge (5%) and 20 k € for each startup grant paid to the project leader on behalf of the team.

Fill out your file !

Click here to take a look at the communication kit an forward the info !  

For any questions: contact-dei@polytechnique.fr