VivaTech: the X-novation center is coming back for the fourth edition

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What about it?

VivaTechnology is an annual conference, dedicated to – as its name applies – Technology, Innovation and startups: “The world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation”. More than 100.500 attendees, 9.000 startups, 1.900 investors, 1.900 journalists and 125 countries. So many companies, bright projects and talented people gathering on the occasion. Of course, we will be there too, as usual. Indeed, the Incubator and Booster of Ecole Polytechnique has been present every year since the very first edition of the conference, 4 years total!

Reasons to come:

Is not our presence a sufficient reason? Kidding. It will be the opportunity to discover the innovations of tomorrow, to meet the leaders of bright projects and evolutionary startups, to attend various exhibitions / Viva’s top-speakers’ speech, and to take part in numerous live experiences.

Where does it happen?

In Paris, as always, at the following address: 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris.

Who will be on our booth?

Various startups from the X’s ecosystem and a few organizations that will be present during the entire 3 days:

  • The AI Society, which aims to bring together people interested in A.I, by organizing conferences, workshops, mini-training sessions, etc.
  • XProjets, the Junior Enterprise of Ecole Polytechnique.
  • The Start-Up Firm, a student association that aims to promote entrepreneurship near the Ecole Polytechnique community and beyond, within the Saclay Plateau.

The 20 participating startups

On Thursday, May 16th

EzyGain: they developed an ultra compact, intuitive and connected solution: ema®. A medical device that combines the features of the verticalizer, the rehabilitation treadmill, and the stabilometry platform.

Navalgo: AI for logistics, optimization of flows & processes, flow forecasting, evaluation of system resilience, demand forecasting & inventory management, design of cutting-edge software are NavAlgo’s core expertise – offered to industry leaders in logistics and supply chain. they use Artificial Intelligence to secure the implementation of complex projects with the goal to reduce eventually project budget by 30%.

Phyling: they support athletic coaches in collecting and analyzing data useful for improving the performance of their athletes.

Néolithe: proposes to reduce French CO2 emissions by 5% thanks to its process that transforms non-recyclable household waste (gray trash) into aggregates for building and public works (roads and concrete).

Gyrolift: a pioneering and inclusive electro-mobility solution based on the combination of a gyropod and a robotic, verticalizing and stabilized seating modular system.

iNex Circular : their mission is to provide recyclers, territories and manufacturers with information on local material exchange opportunities through the design of decision-making tools based on open data. Also present on Friday, May 17th.

On Friday, May 17th

Chaintrust: a B2B SaaS which makes your accounting faster and more secure. You just have to drop your invoices and Chaintrust takes care of all the bookings.

BeautyMix: they help you create your own beauty. Also present on Saturday, May 18th.

Hillo: they develop the first decision support platform for diabetic patients, based on a blood glucose levels predictive system that adapts to every patient’s physiology and habits.

MORPHEE + : an enhanced intelligent life support system, which not only detects falls in real time, but also sends physiological and actimetric parameters, allowing caregivers to intervene early before complications occur.

Aglaia Therapeutics: a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs that selectively inhibit key regulators of oncoprotein synthesis to improve the efficiency of anti-cancer targeted therapies and immunotherapies.

Outmind: a smart search engine, connected to your company’s internal tools, which enables your coworkers to save up to 40% of their time on their information searches.

On Saturday, May 18th

Ubique Tech: they allow children and adults to rehabilitate while playing video games, thanks to connected bracelets.

Pretto: a fintech making mortgages simple thanks to artificial intelligence and product design.

Mila: they create digital versions of proven music therapy methods to diagnose and rehabilitate neurodevelopmental disabilities, to improve therapeutic services and reduce drop-out rates.

Wingly: connects private pilots offering vacant seats with passengers wanting to share the cost of a flight.

Mainbot: and his educational, evolutive, engaging and funny robot, Winky.

TOTEM: the Connected Office Space that makes your team’s day, everyday.

HelloZack: they help you participate in the circular economy by making it easy to sell your used Electronic products to fight against built-in obsolescence.

Our booth number: E49