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AGATE-ID is the block chain solution for managing personal data simply and securely. It squares the circle by combining security, ease of use and the low cost of sharing and checking data.

Checking the identity of clients and citizens is still a manual process and therefore time-consuming and costly. With AGATE-ID, identity data can be validated in a few clicks with trusted parties, with explicit user consent and in line with GDPR regulations.

Banks currently take an average of 48 hours to confirm the identity of a new client and require staff to undertake this administrative task. With the AGATE-ID infrastructure, they could do it in a few clicks:

1) client consent,
2) verification of identification document with the issuing authority
3) home address checked with an energy supplier.

Our technology, which is built on a combination of private blockchain and artificial intelligence, is very high-performing, processing thousands of requests in a few seconds. It is completely interoperable and designed for large companies as well as public sector bodies, for a wide range of uses.