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MyndBlue: AI-derived prognostic biomarkers offer better mental health prevention

Denis Fompeyrine, clinical psychologist by training, was confronted to the fact that the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has a high failure rate. To address this issue, he founded MyndBlue in 2015, that has developed a digital therapy solution with artificial intelligence for the automated monitoring of patients suffering from depression or PTSD. The startup is currently incubated in the X-Tech program, the incubator for advanced technology companies.

A major problem to address

In the case of depression, the relapse rate is estimated at 50%. This rate can be explained by the fact that most of the time, poor follow-up or the abandonment of treatment by the patient leads to the sudden reappearance of symptoms.

Moreover, each depression is unique and no predictive bio-marker is known: it is therefore imperative to treat each patient in a personalized way by extracting relevant information from the patient's continuous physiological data. Such monitoring is of course out of reach for a human being in a reasonable time.

Therefore, MyndBlue uses different algorithms from the field of Artificial Intelligence to identify patient-specific prognostic markers.

MyndBlue's goal is to provide psychiatrists and general practitioners with critical medical information and patient progression scenarios to anticipate risk and determine the best treatment options.




MyndBlue in the next few years

Today, the daily enrichment of the MyndBlue medical database and the efficiency of the technology will soon allow the deployment of the product in its regulatory framework. All of the startup's efforts are focused on perfecting and making the product available as quickly as possible for the benefit of patients and physicians.

The important thing is to grow MyndBlue by finding the support and partners that will allow us to have the greatest impact.

MyndBlue has established close relationships with internationally renowned researchers in the field of artificial intelligence and recently received an award from the Office of Naval Research in the United States, which has a history of supporting major impact projects since 1946.


The entrepreneurial adventure

For Denis, entrepreneurship was a trigger. According to him, it is the best method to find solutions with impact.

When you want to solve a complex problem, you have to take the necessary risks.

MyndBlue wasn't founded like most startups. Instead of building a technology and then trying to sell it, it was the other way around: MyndBlue started with the problem at hand and developed the technology that enables the greatest patient impact.

Scientific entrepreneurs must know how to manage risk areas and are always on the edge: scientific risk, financial risk... you have to commit yourself without limits but avoid being too rash.

Any advice? You have to create your own luck and remain modest when it comes.

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