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Paris&Co and X-Novation: building bridges for innovation

On the occasion of the renewal of the partnership between Paris&Co and X-Novation, the entrepreneurship and innovation center of the École Polytechnique, we interviewed Loïc Dosseur, Managing Director of Paris&Co, about this beneficial partnership for both structures.

What is Paris&Co?

"Paris&Co is a non-profit association with a general interest mission to contribute to the economic development of Paris and its metropolis through innovation," explains Loïc Dosseur.

The organization supports more than 500 French and foreign start-ups each year, via its 12 sector-based innovation platforms in the fields of sports, e-sports, fintech, human resources, the food sector, health, tourism and sustainable cities. These platforms are co-constructed with more than 120 large companies and institutions that collaborate with start-ups in an open innovation approach.

"As managing director, my role at Paris&Co is to provide a vision, organize the work of the teams and mobilize our various partners according to the needs of the start-ups we support," says Loïc Dosseur.

Loïc Dosseur has a background marked by innovation, even before taking the position of CEO of Paris&Co in 2014. He was notably deputy director of Scientipôle Initiative, a structure that supports and finances young innovative companies in Île-de-France, and then chief of staff to Jean-Louis Missika, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of innovation, research and universities from 2010 to 2014.

"I am not an engineer by training, says Loïc Dosseur. What interests me is improvement, positive transformation: how can we mobilize skills from research to improve service or product responses in all sectors? The objective of Paris&Co is to move start-ups from state 1 to state 2, to improve the performance of companies and to develop the region. Innovation is a tool to stay competitive."

The partnership between Paris&Co and X-Novation

The partnership between Paris&Co and X-Novation was set up in 2019, in connection with the launch of the Research&Co program, a cross-functional initiative for all incubators. The goal was to build bridges between Paris&Co and research.

"The creation of the Recherche&Co program started from a simple observation: our structure was too little connected to higher education and research, yet we realized that start-ups needed to recruit talent and access cutting-edge technologies," explains Loïc Dosseur.

Recherche&Co has enabled us to create links with research and higher education players. The start-ups supported have been able to get closer to science and detect opportunities for innovative projects.

When looking for academic players, the Paris&Co team noticed the large number of entrepreneurs coming from the École Polytechnique. It was therefore natural for the organization to turn to X-Novation, the École Polytechnique's entrepreneurship and innovation center, to form a partnership with the X-Up incubator.

“Paris&Co also incubates start-ups, but that didn't bother us," says Loïc Dosseur. We have not developed the same services and the X-Up incubator is upstream from what Paris&Co offers, so we are complementary.”

photo paris and co

“I'm delighted because this partnership is already bearing fruit, says Loïc Dosseur. I was very surprised because everything came together very quickly, and both parties quickly believed in this system. Our teams managed to find common ground and it's working very well! In one year, 32 start-ups have already benefited from this partnership between Paris&Co and X-Novation. I would like to thank the École Polytechnique teams for their confidence," says Loïc Dosseur.

For all these reasons, the partnership between X-Novation and Paris&Co has been renewed for another three years.