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Tactile projector for collaboration

Smartphones, computers and tablet computers are made for one user only. Even if many software packages work are designed to bring people together, screens are often a barrier to discussions and exchanges. They can also be an obstacle to group efficiency. At Adok, we believe that the future of interaction lies in each other, not in screens or headsets. They believe in creating tools that connect users face to face, tools that enhance experiences rather than distract from them. That’s why they are creating a technology revolution that will better connect us to one another. Adok has developed an inclusive technology to bring people together by turning any surface into a giant projected touchscreen. Adok Beta is a multi-user projected surface. Up to six users can directly engage with content in a hands-on, proactive way. Presentations become more vibrant, discussions more focused, and meetings become a way to actually get work done. Adok is currently expanding to integrate the technology in vehicles, household objects and street furniture.