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Medadom: the digital intermediary between patients and doctors

Medadom, a Medtech company recently listed among the new FrenchTech 120 entrants, offers a medical platform that is attracting more and more French patients and doctors in a context where distance is a must. Meet Nathaniel BERN, co-founder of the start-up, who tells us about his adventure, the boost provided by the health crisis and the company's future objectives.

MEDADOM, in a few words ?

Medadom is a major actor of the tele-medicine in France. Today, we offer access to care, particularly to doctors in video consultation to patients throughout the country. So, both patients who are at home through the mobile application or the Medadom website and in pharmacies, town halls, companies through terminals and connected booths for remote consultation.


How did the founding team of this project meet ?

I already knew Eliedan, the co-founder, and my other two partners. We had been friends for a long time. The third partner in the company is none other than Eliedan's father.

What is special about your company that sets you apart from the competition ?

For the moment, we are the only ones who know how to offer an "integrated" medical service, meaning that we have the technology (the software), the terminals and the tele-medicine booths... The entire process, which includes assembly, delivery and configuration, is carried out by us. The objective is to ensure medical permanence, i.e. the availability of doctors on the platform 7 days a week, allowing patients to access a health professional in less than 10 minutes. In the market, this is what makes our big difference. If you go to a doctor's online calendar, you won't find an appointment right away. We are a no appointment service.

What technologies are used in your company ?

We have an internal tech team in charge of several programming languages. Oriented languages, some do Java script, rather server oriented. Some of them use infrastructure languages. We have at our disposal languages that are adapted to the projects we work on.

What are your next challenges/ projects in the future ?

The ecosystem around which we gravitate, telemedicine, is very broad. The goal is to become a market leader. Today, we do teleconsultations with general practitioners. Tomorrow, we will have terminals and booths set up all over France, perhaps at the Polytechnique !

We already have one at HEC Paris. Our long-term objectives are to develop the project with as many doctors as possible, in other words, more innovative projects around tele-medicine, in the broadest sense.

Are you present in the retirement homes ?

We have a partnership with the Domitys senior residences, which are non-medicalized, allowing elderly people who do not have access to care to have access to a doctor.

In view of your market, has the health situation over the past year been a factor in the development of your business ?

Clearly. It's not a happy thing to say, but there are some sectors and markets that benefit more than others. Medadom has seen a business boost as the government has promoted the use of remote practices and telemedicine for patients. Pharmacists have been in high demand during the health crisis as local care relays. We who work with patients who do teleconsultation at home and health professionals, doctors and pharmacists are adapting their practices more since the pandemic and therefore to remote work.

What advice could you give to those who might be hesitant to embark on entrepreneurship ?

I don't think you should be afraid to get started. It's important to work with people who know a little bit about the sector, if only to be reassured and to have a first foot in the field. But I don't think you should be afraid to innovate, especially in healthcare, there are many things to do. The regulations are evolving with the uses. It is also the start-ups that create new uses, so you just have to be persistent, believe in your product and work hard.

What do you expect or hope for from your recent inclusion in the French Tech 120 ranking ?

The FrenchTech 120 ranking is important because it gives us a privileged contact with the government. We are subject to health regulations, which are quite strict. It is therefore essential for us to have close contact points with the government.