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Sitowie | Technology to the rescue of buildings

Interview | Cédric Adam , CTO & PhD holder from Ecole Polytechnique

As a large number of buildings in France were constructed during the 20th century, it is important to examine their deterioration. Sitowie, a start-up that commenced operations in 2018 aims to monitor such wear and tear with the help of their digital Building Information Model.

The Sitowie story

After engineering, Cédric Adam completed his PhD in the Laboratory of Solid Mechanics at the Ecole Polytechnique. During this period, he developed innovative methods for digital simulation for automobile shocks and then pursued the scientific software industry working at Dassault Systèmes.

Digital simulation and data science being his area of expertise, he was quickly convinced by the idea of Sitowie when he met its founder, Pauline Koch.

Behind the start-up

To determine the ageing of a structure, Sitowie develops a digital twin of the building in the form of a digital BIM model (Building Information Modelling). On its SaaS platform, data relating to climate, sunshine, quality of material used, geometry and use of building etc is entered. Thereafter, digital simulation and 3D help to predict how the building will age and show other disorders.

Additionally, a predictive maintenance booklet is also created for clients.

Need for predictive building maintenance

As buildings get old, not only do they look shabby, they also cost the owners huge money in the form of maintenance. With the help of Sitowie’s Digital Twin technology, proprietors can optimise such expenses right from the conception of their asset. Fortunately, this also helps attain one of the main goals of carbon neutrality of France by 2050 as buildings are a huge source of carbon emission.

In today’s context, the technology of Sitowie is highly pertinent as maintenance needs for a park of buildings can be managed digitally, without requiring on-site visits. Not only this, budgets are being reduced and it is essential to help players optimise their maintenance and investment budgets. A more detailed knowledge of assets helps to target priorities and adopt a preventive strategy of maintenance. This can also impact rents as well as tenants.

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