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Moving towards smart building with SpinalCom

With the increased presence of smart home and connected objects in individual houses, it’s time for smart building to revolutionise the management of professional buildings. The building is now supposed to analyse the data that it produces so that the proprietor can use it better and become a platform of digital services for enhancing user experience for the residents of the building. With SpinalCore, the BOS (Building Operating System) of SpinalCom , the advent of smart building is here.

Beginning of SpinalCom

The start-up SpinalCom was created in 2016, but to know about its beginnings, we need to start from the end of 2009. Jérémie Bellec first created Structure Computation for developing a digital collaborative solution of dynamic digital twins. It was followed by six years of R&D to develop a semantic database necessary for the management of digital twin in real time. Thereafter, he collaborated with Sébastien Coulon to actually launch this product in the real estate market. “We decided to focus on the real estate market because the arrival of BIM(Building Informaton Model that permits the modelling of a building in 3D and derive a database from it) facilitated the digitalisation of a building and no one had tapped into this segment already.”, explains Sébastien Coulon.

In 2016, the SpinalCore BOS (Building Operating System) is finally ready : the enterprise is now called SpinalCom and its product is launched in the market. Large French enterprises like EDF, Vinci and Eiffage decide to trust Jeremie Bellec and Sébastien Coulon to improve operation of their office buildings. Recently, CNP Assurances too decided to work with SpinalCom.


The CNP Assurances selected the Building Operating System by SpinalCom for developing its future intelligent platform for digital services based on a digital twin management technology – digital twin – multi-systems in real time. SpinalCom proposes an innovative solution that is open, secured and above all scalable to ensure essential linking between all tools such as IT, IoT, GTB (OT) and GMAO in the long run. The first deployment is planned on our future headquarters of 40000 m2 at Issy-Les-Moulineaux. – Gia An NGUYEN, Department of Customer Experience and Information Systems, Head of Smart Building

X-Tech Booster incubator

For developing SpinalCom, the cofounders decided to join the start-up X-Tech Booster  of the École polytechnique in late 2015. Thanks to the X network, their project took off, notably due to their meeting with the president of Vinci, an ex-polytechnician. This meeting allowed them to deploy SpinalCore in the headquarters of Vinci and conquer French markets more. The Ecole Polytechnique facilitated contact with prestigious clients for SpinalCom.

Develoment in international smart building

Well-established in the French market, SpinalCom starts its development internationally through resellers and partners capable of integrating their product. The start-up has recently signed a partnership agreement with Onepoint., a unique actor that integrates technology and Man for carrying out digital transformation of its clients. Onepoint is present in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It is now capable of selling and integrating SpinalCore not just at its clients in France but also in its offer Connect Building.

Our partnership with SpinalCom is naturally based around a shared vision for spaces and technology serving the well-being of occupants and users. Thanks to SpinalCore, we can propose the Connect Building solution that enhances the capabilities of BOS, connects the building to its environment and its occupants and helps it make autonomous decisions and offer unique experience. “ declares Jean-Pierre Poinsignon, partner at One point.

How does BOS SpinalCore work?

Building Operating System, SpinalCore : SpinalCom’s flagship product

“For explaining concretely a BOS, I like to compare it to an operating system of a mobile, like Android. SpinalCore, its an operating system for buildings. It offers the same functionalities : equipment that supplies data to applications.” Explains Sébastien Coulon.



Why not simply use an OS available in the market? That is because a building is much more complex than a smartphone or a computer. These are systems nested within systems that moreover do not speak the same language. Management of air conditioning, room reservations, security management… The complexity lies in establishing communication within them and extract comprehensible data. The SpinalCore building operating system allows to furnish all such data in one unique language.

SpinalCore traite et croise les données de 3 univers :

SpinalCore processes and matches data from three systems :

·     BIM (Building Information Model) : This tool allows the creation of a building in 3D for understanding its functioning better and giving a precise description to the BOS;

·     OT (Operational Technology) : OT provides dynamic data on building systems such as electricity, heating, security, air conditioning etc. ;

·     lT (Information Technology) : IT provides dynamic data on services like meeting room reservation, creation of maintenance tickets etc.

These three types of data are collected on the platform SpinalCore for creating a digital twin of the building and knowing the activities taking place in it in real time for better understanding and making predictions.

Our BOS SpinalCore serves to bring contextualisation with information in real time and in 3D, explains Sébastien Coulon. For example, you have a meeting room that is very less used during summer and you do not understand why. Thanks to SpinalCore, you realise that the meeting room is south facing and therefore, is very hot during summer. Knowing that, you are capable of bringing solutions by installing awnings outside to bring down the temperature of that room.


SpinalTwin is an application suite developed on SpinalCore. Currently, we have 5 native applications:

·     Data Room for accessing all the data of the building together and in 3D

·     Space Centre for managing spaces, visualing usage rate of rooms and floors and calculating the area used by category

·     Operation Centre for supervising all the systems, localising an equipment, visualising a heat map, creating a maintenance ticket etc

·     Maintenance Book, a digital notebook for maintenance for managing and recording history of repairs and maintenance operations

·     Utilities Centre for following usage, overuse, and leakage



These applications bring value to the BOS for better understanding of building data and facilitating decision-making. Other applications can be developed and integrated with SpinalCore. Just call us or an ESN for creating an application that serves your specific needs. Ultimately, we would like independent software developers to propose us their applications like Android Play Store, says Sébastien Coulon.

Simplifying building management

SpinalCom targets professional building owners. SpinalCore is ideal for simplifying the management and use of a building. It ensures that the building and its systems function well for the tenant, all while assuring maintenance costs as low as possible.

“With SpinalCore, we can cross information on the usage of the building and energy consumption. If certain zones have high electricity consumption while they are less used, solutions can be proposed.” Explains Sébastien Coulon

Creating intelligent services for users

The tenants or users of a building have other objectives: provide good experience to the employees at the workplace while creating intelligent services. The reservation of meeting rooms is the most demanded service by the tenants of a building. Distribution of offices among employees is also an important topic considering price per m² of office spaces and increase in work from home culture. BOS allows the receiving of data on the usage of building space and its capacity to accommodate so that informed decisions can be made, and substantial amount of money can be saved.

Control and secure data

The building system provides a large amount of dynamic data. It is important for owners and enterprises that rent the building to control and secure this data. The SpinalCore platform is not a SaaS solution but a software that is installed directly on the client server. This controls the data completely and nothing is transmitted on the SpinalCom server. Once the solution is purchased, you are completely its owner.

In the coming months, we will witness professional real estate move towards smart building. With the acceleration of teleworking, the enterprises could need fixed workplaces less and less. Jérémie Bellec and Sébastien Coulon are certain: the future of building its pay-per-use, like at coworking spaces. To carry out this digital transformation, the building owners need to have tools to make this business model work. SpinalCom provides these tools with its digital twin platform.

Supporting this development must also go through acceleration. While the start-up now has a 7-figure turnover and works with prestigious clients, it is currently looking for investors for a major fundraising. Do you believe in the impact of this solution and would like to join the adventure? Get in touch with Sébastien Coulon  to discuss more.