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BeautyMix consists of a connected automatic blender,  a mobile app that guides you step by step and in a selecting high-quality natural cosmetics.


The starting point for developing BeautyMix was that the cost of making our beauty products represents less than 10% of  their final sales price. The rest goes on intermediaries, packaging, marketing, samples etc. As for their preparation, active ingredients are often combined with water and sometimes allergenic additives, to ensure product stability over very long periods.

BeautyMix is a disruptive player in the cosmetics industry: consumers focus on essentials and create their own natural beauty products, at home and without any prior knowledge.

The mobile app enables you to analyze your individual requirements, to select the ingredients that are best suited to your skin type and to customize your recipes according to your needs and preferences. The user-friendly automatic blender then does all the work. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on  your phone and add the ingredients step-by-step. The blender does the rest and your beauty product is ready in 10 minutes! Shampoos, moisturizer, make up, BeautyMix makes cosmetics for every day family use, with guaranteed hygiene and safety.