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X-STORIES | 9 stories of startups from the Ecole Polytechnique

Created in 2015 to help stimulate entrepreneurship and technological innovation, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department of the Ecole Polytechnique has set up separate programmes, including X-Up Incubation for early stage start-ups and X-Tech Booster for more advanced companies.
These activities take place in a unique 5,000 sqm facility dedicated to entrepreneurs, project facilitators, students, researchers, corporations and partners (whether academic, institutional and industrial): the Drahi-X-Novation Center entrepreneurial fibre.

Five years later

After having supported 82 startup, we now want to share their progress. Whatever the reasons, the facilitators decided to build a project while taking into account the inevitable obstacles to be overcome. After weeks, months and years passing through the Innovation Center, where do they stand today?

Stay tuned!

We have selected 9 startups: 9 projects, 9 stories, 9 journeys, 9 testimonials. What do they have in common ? They are all, in one way or another, connected to our ecosystem: alumni from the Ecole PolytechniqueX-Up incubated projects, startups from the X-Tech Booster, or users of the X-Fab prototyping space. What does entrepreneurship mean to each of them? Why did they make this choice and how did they build their own project ? X-Stories highlights their work, their motivations, their perseverance, the jobs created, the innovations developed and their desire to contribute to social and economic progress.


To be continued…