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Smart storage of building energy

Accenta is a disruption player offering an innovative solution for storing the solar energy produced by buildings, thereby optimizing their energy autonomy through enhanced self-production and self-consumption performance. This solution, called ACCENTA STORAGEĀ© optimizes both the energy performance and the environmental performance of buildings, through a dramatic reduction in their CO2 emissions (-70% CO2 emissions throughout the operating life of the building). ACCENTASTORAGEĀ® can be delivered at a competitive price relative to traditional, carbonized, solutions.

ACCENTA, a technology company invested in deeptech, is developing a solution that combines inter-seasonal heat storage and algorithms to reduce the building's energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

This solution uses renewable energies, produced in large quantities in summer, to heat buildings in winter. By valuing, for example, solar heat or heat recovered from air conditioning systems, it makes it possible to achieve the most ambitious objectives of the building's energy and environmental performance benchmarks.

ACCENTA.Design and ACCENTA.AI software optimize the efficiency and cost of inter-seasonal heat storage, which makes ACCENTA's low-carbon boiler room very competitive compared to other technologies.