Astraveus : The medecines of tomorrow

Par 27 juin 2018Actu

The common objective of Jérémie Laurent and Andrew Shailer-Smith from the start-up Astraveus is to “make the medicines of tomorrow accessible to all the people who need them”.

Andrew graduated from Cambridge University where he studied Geography. He worked during 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry for GlaxoSmithKline on the training and development program, but also in different positions, first in Finance and then in Marketing.

On his side Jérémie completed a Master’s in Engineering from Ecole polytechnique and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials from University Paris Descartes. He has developed many skills in biotherapy and microfluidics through his PhD thesis in biotherapy at the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris.

During Jérémie’s PhD, the idea of the company was born. The founder of Astraveus observed that Bioengineered white blood cells is revolutionising the ability to fight diseases.  One problem with these new treatments is that the manufacturing process consumes large amounts of resources.  This has led to extremely high costs and severely constrained production capacity.

Ever since, the company has been working for two years to dramatically improve the process of manufacturing complex treatments. They are designing the next generation of equipment used to manufacture medical treatments from your body’s own cells.  Their innovative microfluidic technology drastically reduces the cost of production while improving scalability and quality.

They are in a process of finalizing a prototype system which will be ready by the end of the year. Their machine work like a microprocessor which can be programmed to all sort of operations.

The ambition of the both entrepreneurs is to make their machine ready as soon as possible for the patients and continue to make it compatible with all of the treatment types. For the next ten years they want to support as many treatments as it is possible and reduce the price of them.

“We would like to see a large number of different diseases types curable through the process ran by our machine” says Andrew.

With their start-up Jérémie and Andrew feel that entrepreneurship really get that true sense of team work for sharing a long term project with an enthusiastic team. They are all passionate about their project which will help people live healthier and longer.


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